Marataba’s Annual Rhino Week Feature

Conservio partners with Maratba Conservation Camps for their annual Rhino Conservation Week. Full article HERE

Dutch-South African, impact travel platform, Conservio, has partnered with Marataba Conservation Camps to bring to the South African market: Rhino Conservation Week. This August (8 – 14 August 2022), Marataba will launch its annual Rhino Conservation Week – where guests can take part in a rhino darting, notching and DNA collection – alongside Marataba’s team of conservation experts. This event is a unique way for travellers to be directly involved in a host of rhino-focused conservation activities. South Africa’s Waterberg Biosphere Reserve, of which Marataba forms a part, is home to a globally significant population of rhino, the second largest in South Africa. Monitoring this population and understanding their territories is a key part of conserving these vital animals. A 3-night stay during Rhino Conservation Week guarantees guests involvement in rhino notching and monitoring activities, hands-on participation with the veterinary team, day & night drives, boating & walking.

Conservio co founder, Lara Dendy Young, says: ‘We are so excited to bring this experience to South Africans and promote local travel and on-the-ground conservation. Not only do we want guests to stay at places that contribute positively to the environment, but we also want guests to be able to immerse themselves in these environments by doing cool things!”

About Conservio: An online platform that facilitates bookings to a selection of curated ecolodges and unique experiences (similar to Rhino Week) across South Africa, soon to include Namibia, Mozambique and East Africa. Conservio exists to power planet positive travel and counter biodiversity loss through sustainable ecotourism. They understand the important role ecotourism plays in ensuring these wild spaces have a future, and aim to make it easy for travellers to make the right decisions with regards to where they visit and what they do. Conservio carefully selects their ecotourism partners based on their contribution to conservation, communities and the environment as a whole. More importantly, Conservio focuses on the local resident market by highlighting South African resident rates and last-minute offers to promote local travel and immersion into what is on our doorstep! For now, Conservio is positioning itself for expansion into other African regions to broaden their offering and increase travel in Africa, by Africans. It is their ambition to be the online booking platform for impactful travel locally and globally!