The Cape West Coast: Discover The ‘Greece’ of South Africa

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Experience the magical wildflowers, turquoise-blue waters and abundance of activities along South Africa’s scenic West Coast.

Situated within the beautiful Western Cape province of South Africa, the West Coast is a captivating region flanked by the mighty Atlantic Ocean to the west and the vast Swartland region to the east. Spanning a large expanse of more than 400 km from its northern to southern points, the West Coast comprises the picturesque small towns of Saldanha, Paternoster, Vredenburg, Velddrif, St. Helena Bay, Langebaan, Hopefield, Darling, and Yzerfontein. With their white-walled holiday homes, colourful fishing boats, fynbos-covered dunes, and wild stretches of white sand beach, each one of these quaint destinations offers its own unique charm for visitors.

West Coast Landscape

The West Coast region of the Western Cape is also renowned for its awe-inspiring natural vistas and abundant fishing waters. But the allure doesn’t end there – as perhaps the primary reason so many people choose to visit this area, particularly during Spring, is because of the magnificent carpets of blooming wildflowers and crystal-clear waters reminiscent of the Mediterranean. From the Langebaan Lagoon providing a Greece-like backdrop to kayaking, swimming, and paddle boarding, to the protected Postberg region’s veld flower display in spring, the West Coast is a winning destination for lovers of nature.

About West Coast National Park

West Coast National Park

No trip to the West Coast would be complete without a visit to the West Coast National Park – the primary location for the region’s natural preservation efforts, run by the South African National Parks (SANparks) board. Aside from its conservation endeavours, the West Coast National Park is known for its scenic beauty and abundance of outdoor activities. It is a place where the rugged coastline meets the vast Atlantic Ocean, creating a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.

West Coast Wildlife

Stretching from Yzerfontein to Langebaan, the West Coast National Park is a haven for bird watching, game viewing, mountain biking and whale watching. Many indigenous plants and fynbos species can be found here, as well as numerous water birds and birds of prey, and a diverse selection of mammals such as mountain zebras, white-faced bonteboks, and even the elusive caracal. It’s home to more than 250 bird species, where birders can observe notable species like the Flamingo, Ostrich, and Black Harrier. The park’s wetlands serve as a haven for a remarkable congregation of over 5,000 flamingos during the winter season.

West Coast Birdlife

During the months of August to September, a journey to the Tsaarsbank section of the West Coast National Park becomes a must. It’s here where many visitors are able to catch a clear glimpse of Southern Right whales and the occasional Humpback as they frolic in the waters. But that’s not all. This period of whale watching harmoniously coincides with the emergence of wildflowers when the landscape transforms into vibrant colours and blankets of flora.

Biodiversity is very crucial in the West Coast National Park as the park was mainly established to protect the Langebaan Lagoon and surrounding landscapes, as well as the islands in Saldanha Bay. Perhaps the most popular section of the park is Kraalbai – a pristine beach and picturesque part of the vast lagoon home to docked boats and canoes bobbing on the crystal clear water. As Kraalbaai is inside a national park, no motorized activities are allowed – this includes launching your own boat into the water.

West Coast Wildflowers

Another beautiful part of the park is Churchhaven – a tranquil seaside holiday town home to white-washed fisherman cottages and spectacular scenery. Perched on the banks of the Langebaan Lagoon, right outside the Postberg Flower Reserve, Churchhaven attracts visitors from far and wide given its gorgeous setting and wonderful sense of peace and privacy. Unlike other areas of the West Coast National Park, Churchhaven is only accessible to those staying overnight in the village.

West Coast Accommodation

West Coast Accommodation

Although driving distance from Cape Town, we recommend making the most of your visit by booking a weekend stay in one of the stunning accommodation options on offer along the West Coast. Whether you choose to stay within the West Coast National Park itself, or in one of the picturesque towns along the main coastline, you’re guaranteed a wonderful getaway filled with natural beauty and scenic wonder.

With the Langebaan Lagoon as your backdrop, unwind with a book or explore the surrounding landscapes, from the West Coast National Park’s Marine Protected Area to Postberg’s veld flower display in spring. Seaside braais/barbecues await at Tsaars Bank, while Preekstoel offers picture-perfect moments. Don’t forget to bring your binoculars and watch the local wildlife in their natural habitats.

Whalesong Beach Cottage

Whalesong Beach Cottage

Escape to the tranquil Churchhaven area on the Western Cape’s idyllic West Coast and discover Whalesong Beach Cottage, a nature lover’s dream retreat. This five-bedroom cottage, only an hour’s drive from Cape Town, offers relaxation, adventure, and an off-the-grid experience for up to 10 guests. Recently renovated with comfort in mind, Whalesong Beach Cottage boasts a sustainable footprint. Cook up a storm on the gas hob or gas braai/barbecue while taking in the breathtaking ocean views from the outdoor firepit.

Whalesong Beach Cottage’s classic Fisherman’s cottage style blends seamlessly into the environment, inviting you to rediscover the simple joys of life – a digital detox, quality time with loved ones, and immersion in nature’s beauty. With tasteful decor and a layout that affords both privacy and connection, you’ll feel right at home. This hidden gem will leave you with unforgettable memories and a renewed appreciation for the great outdoors.

Yzers Boat House

Yzers Boat House

Welcome to Yzers Boat House, a remarkable coastal escape located in the small West Coast village of Yzerfontein. The pet-friendly accommodation is self-catering and is located just steps away from the beach, offering endless salty adventures. As you enter the unique hideaway that was once an old boat house, you’ll be captivated by its extraordinary features.

Yzers Boat House boasts two comfortable bedrooms, a well-equipped kitchen, a cosy lounge adorned with a fireplace, and modern amenities such as secure parking and complimentary Wi-Fi. With a capacity to accommodate up to four guests, and luxury facilities such as a wood-fired KolKol hot tub, SMEG appliances, and even your own Jeep and Vespa to use while there, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable stay on nature’s doorstep.

Ohana Retreat

Ohana Retreat

Ohana Retreat is situated in Banghoek Private Nature Reserve, Piketberg, in the inland region of the West Coast. Ohana provides a thoughtfully designed space that strikes the perfect balance between being carefully curated and naturally authentic. Adorned with local art, decor, and comfortable furniture, it exudes a sense of being at home. The owners’ passion for the environment is evident in the lush surroundings, with over 2000 trees, plants, and flowers planted, creating a tranquil atmosphere and picturesque vistas visible from every corner of the cottage.

Ohana is a 3-bedroom house that offers generous space and cosy furnishings, making it an ideal choice for families or groups of friends seeking a serene getaway. Each guest will have ample room to unwind and savour their personal space, while the shared areas provide a delightful gathering spot for meals and cherished moments together. To ensure your utmost comfort, they provide a range of amenities, including a well-equipped kitchen, plush beds, and a spacious living area.

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